Attestation and certification

of teachers and lecturers,
educational programs
and educational institutions
all over the world

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Who needs it

  • Online schools
  • Business trainers
  • Educational institutions

We offer HiSTES membership for educational organizations with and without national licenses, both offline and online, to expand their capabilities.

After certification of your programs or courses, you will get the opportunity to use the HiSTES brand name in advertising campaigns and you can offer your customers diplomas that will satisfy their needs.

You will be able to issue national documents based on your license with our European certificate, confirming the volume and quality grades of your programs.

Quality standards

HiSTES certification is based on the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), maintained by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and European Qualifications Framework (EQF), which is integrated into the education system of all EU member states.

HiSTES is a community of professionals and experts in various fields. Certification of educational programs is carried out by relevant HiSTES expert councils, in accordance with international and European requirements and rules for certain programs and courses, based on the European qualifications framework.

After certification you will get a confirmation of compliance your program with European standards. And you will get a permission to use the HISTES logo on your documents issued to graduates.

First step is registration

Send email with brief descrption of yourself and your organization.
We'll contact you for more details.

Welcome to our community!

Jurij Kijkov
chairman of HiSTES

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Registration of teachers

Teachers, lecturers and trainers register as candidates for free. Candidate period lasts a maximum 3 months.


The price of certification and / or attestation is calculated separately in each case and depends on the volume of programs, the teaching staff, the form of training, the volume of teaching materials.


Depending on the form of cooperation with HiSTES, you can either independently set the price for the issued certificates or use our prices with a certain percentage of provision.

The terms

The terms for consideration of applications depend on the form of training and vary from 30-45 days for online courses to 60 days for full-time programs.

HiSTES means Quality

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International connections

HiSTES helps our members to find Internaional Partners and provides a platform for joint activities.
Great benefit is our lessons of Russian.

Common programs

Double degree programs are getting more and more interest. HiSTES Helps Its Members to Conclude Agreements on joint programs with the issuance of appropriate certificates.

More than 2000 members

Over the past 2 years, more than 2,000 members have joined the association. From them we form expert groops in almost any specializations.

Some of our Honorary members

David Allen

Kjell A. Nordström

Guy Kawasaki

Bodo Schäfer