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About HiSTES

The Higher School Teachers European Society (HiSTES) is a basis for an international socio-educational networking platform, the main purpose of which is to share experience and exchange modern models of further education and development.
HiSTES is a strongly proven community of experienced lecturers, teachers, associate and full professors, and doctors of science from various fields willing and able to share their knowledge and experience amongst colleagues from other countries.
The founders of HiSTES are qualified experts in their respective fields of science and education, sharing their knowledge and experience with colleagues from other countries.

The Higher School Teachers European Society (HiSTES) was established in Hamburg in 2005. The society initially operated within Western Europe. In 2015, it expanded its operations to CIS and Eastern Europe. The current operational centre for new areas is based in the Open European Academy of Economics and Politics in Prague.
The society was originally established to integrate high school teachers into a dynamic international community to exchange experience in education. Although there are similar communities in different fields, the forms of their activity often does not meet the expectations of participants.
To address these problems, the founders of HiSTES offered teachers the opportunity to participate in the creation of an environment for direct communication by sharing the best ideas, top achievements and latest educational technologies.

Since 2005, HiSTES has organised international conferences and workshops on various themes in close collaboration with its colleagues from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other European countries.
To increase the performance of the society, we decided to include universities and other high school institutions into HiSTES because they constantly encourage innovation in teachers’ educational methods and professional skills. Additionally, such an update of the structure will eventually lead to the renewal of its participants and will help to establish a mutually beneficial dialogue between educational institutions and teachers.

Cooperation with HiSTES provides diverse possibilities:

  • Participation in worldwide seminars and conferences;
  • The opportunity to participate in joint educational programs with foreign higher education facilities and other educational organisations within or outside the EU;
  • Forward-thinking educational methods and scientific experience exchange;
  • Increase of the attractiveness for foreign students exchange;
  • Higher education institutions certification on an international level;
  • The opportunity to share achievements with colleagues from other cities and countries and their implementation in educational and industrial processes;
  • Establishment of relationships with foreign clients and partners;
  • The opportunity to attract foreign experts and scientists;
  • Assistance with promotion and marketing;Wider mass media coverage;
  • Operations at a multinational level.

HiSTES members are invited as honorary doctors and guest professors to the universities of the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, they are involved into the state exams committees, invited as a commission members, observers, supervisors and opponents of scientific papers and dissertations.
The stated above opportunities offered to HiSTES members - is just the tip of the iceberg.
After all, in the process of live communication arise many interesting proposals, which are applied to the implementation after the community ratings.
We expect from all participants the proposals for the organization of various events, to implement the most interesting, promising and popular of them.